Slide Builder Help

A powerful way to add fresh content to your slideshow is to add a webpage to your slides.  This can allow you to display weather feeds, shared PowerPoint slides, or anything else visible on the public web.

To use the website feature:

  1. Enter the full URL of the site you would like to display
  2. First attempt to render the URL in an iframe (by selecting "within an iframe") and add it to the page.  
  3. Press the Preview button in the upper left to see if the page is visible on the slide.  If it is not visible, then you will need to delete the object from your slide and re-add the URL with "native selected.  Note: this will only show on a slideshow playing on a live TV, and will not display in preview.
  4. Scrolling is also available to allow the web page to scroll and show the viewers content lower on the page.  You can choose how many seconds to delay before the scroll starts, and how fast to scroll the page.

A great way to utilize your TV's is with live streaming.  With HLS (HTTP Live Stream) you can get a live stream URL from a streaming provider and add it to a slide using the "HLS" tab.  When the slide plays, it will show the live stream!

Of course, this will need a live internet connection and will consume bandwidth each time it is being displayed.