PowerPoint Digital Signage Player Add-In Installation (for Office 365 Online)

To publish your presentation to a screen, you'll need to setup a few things. Here are the steps of how-to get up and running with Directable and PowerPoint.

  1. Install the Directable Add-in in PowerPoint.
  2. Signup for a free Directable trial.
  3. Setup a TV or screen with a Directable player.
  4. Connect the player device to your Directable account.

Install the Directable Application

  1. While running PowerPoint with your presentation loaded, select "Insert" from the top menu and then select "Add-Ins".
  2. The Office Add-Ins window will pop-up. Search for "Directable".
  3. When Directable is found, click the Add button to the right of the listing.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. While at the Home tab in PowerPoint, look for the "Publish to Directable" icon. This can be found to the far right of the ribbon. (upper right of screen).
  6. Signup for a free 14 day trial. This will activate your Directable Account.
Install Powerpoint Add-In for Directable

Connect Your Player Device to Your Account

  1. Using an Android TV or Amazon FireTV , plug the device into your HDMI port.
  2. Sign on to Wi-Fi and search for Directable in the App Store
  3. Install Directable
  4. The App will start to run and a code will be displayed.
  5. Login in to your Directable account at www.directable.com/logins
  6. Select Screen
  7. Add New Screen
  8. Name the screen and type in the code.

Save your changes. This TV is now attached to your account and you can send the presentation to it!

Fire TV Stick Installed