How to Send a Canva Slide or Presentation to Digital Signage

Do you have some Canva content you’d like to show on a TV or digital display? Directable is integrated with Canva which makes this process super simple.

Canva Digital Signage

Once you have activated the Directable app within Canva, you’ll be able to publish content to your digital signage in just a few clicks. If you are new to Directable, you can signup for a free trial from within Canva.  The Directable player runs on Fire TV sticks from Amazon. The Directable app is also a free download from Amazon’s app store.

The Directable app  is available for Google TV and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Google TV comes integrated with many TV brands including Sony, TCL, Hisense and Philips.

Share Your Design

When your design is ready to go, click the Share button in the upper right. That will expand the options in the right pane.

Sharing a Canva slide to Directable Digital Signage

Chose Directable as the Publishing Destination


In the field on the right pane where it says “How would you like to publish?” type in the word “Directable”. The app should appear. Select that as your publisher.


Choosing Directable as the Canva Publishing Location

Sign In or Sign Up for Directable


If you have a Directable account, select Sign In. New users can Sign Up for a 14 day free trial. (no credit card required)


Sign up for a Directable free trial with Canva

Choose Save and Send Your Content to Your Directable Account

After you have successfully signed in  you will see an option to save your canva design in either PNG or JPG format, choose one then click Save.

Once the process is complete you can view the directable portal and further edit the Directable slide and put the Directable slide in a playlist.