Directable and Insignia Fire TV's - A New Low Cost Leader for Professional Digital Signage

Reno, Nevada, November 16, 2018

Directable, Inc. a leading provider of affordable cloud driven digital signage solutions for business, announced that its signage system is now tested and approved for use with Insignia Fire TVs for sale at Best Buy. Best Buy is selling a number of Insignia Fire TVs models for under $200. Currently, a 32" model is on sale at Best Buy for $129.95. When you combine this low-price, high quality TV with the free Directable digital signage application - you have a price point that is difficult to beat.

James Bratsanos, CTO of Directable said: "We have never seen such an affordable digital signage combination with Directable on Insignia Fire TVs. For a new customer to be up and running with a TV, the Fire TV operating system and Directable at a $200 price point is incredible. Since all the hardware is available for most users locally, you can also be up and running the same day you buy the Insignia TV".

Directable was the first low cost digital signage offering designed for use by franchise organizations. A franchisors marketing department can send eye-catching content to the screens of local franchisees. This real-time promotion feature has consistently increased sales for franchisees.

Directable is rapidly becoming the signage system of choice for restaurants, schools, churches, gyms and small businesses that need to communicate with their audience. Cost sensitive businesses appreciate the value provided by Directable.

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About Directable

Founded in 2012, Directable Inc. provides easy to use digital signage to businesses worldwide and helps them to engage their audience and increase sales. The system uses no proprietary hardware. All a customer needs to do is buy an off-the-shelf Fire TV stick or Toshiba Fire TV, connect to their local Wi-Fi and Directable will be running in minutes. Since the system has no hard wiring, installation costs are reduced substantially.