Guiding Your Wellness Journey

With Canva’s Directable integration, you can make the wellness journey more intuitive and immersive for your customers.

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We have Canva templates you can customize as your own when you sign up with Directable. Our free Canva templates for restaurants can be imported directly into your account. These templates are specifically designed to help your spa and wellness center staff  create eye-catching and effective digital displays that showcase their specials and promotions. Spa employees can easily customize these templates to suit their branding and design preferences.

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Unleash the power of Canva and Directable

Canva’s integration with Directable offers a seamless solution for spa and wellness centers to utilize digital signage and enhance the customer experience. Renowned for its user-friendly design platform, Canva enables the creation of beautiful and engaging content with ease. Paired with Directable’s comprehensive digital signage software, wellness centers can effortlessly design, schedule, and display digital content, negating the need for complex design skills or software.

Moreover, the integration between Canva and Directable allows for swift and efficient updates to the digital signage. Canva’s intuitive interface makes it easy to modify content quickly, which is essential for spas and wellness centers where services or promotions may change frequently. Directable’s software ensures these changes are instantly reflected on the digital signage, offering real-time updates to customers. In essence, the partnership between Canva and Directable provides spa and wellness centers with an effective and straightforward solution for leveraging digital signage to enhance customer experience, making their wellness journey more immersive, informative, and soothing.