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With Canva’s Directable integration, showcase amenities and entice guests to explore while enjoying their stay

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We have Canva templates you can customize as your own when you sign up with Directable. Our free Canva templates for hotels can be imported directly into your account. These templates are specifically designed to help hotel staff create eye-catching and effective digital displays that showcase their specials, and promotions. Hotel staff can easily customize these templates to suit their branding and design preferences.


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Unleash the power of Canva and Directable

Canva’s Digital Signage with Directable can greatly elevate the guest experience in hotels, creating an immersive and visually appealing atmosphere that caters to each visitor’s needs. This powerful combination allows hoteliers to design stunning and engaging content using Canva’s user-friendly interface, while Directable ensures seamless distribution across multiple screens. With personalized welcome messages, interactive wayfinding, and local tourist information, guests are offered a seamless, informative, and enjoyable stay. 

In addition to enhancing the guest experience, Canva’s Digital Signage with Directable can also contribute to increased revenue for hotels. By showcasing on-site amenities such as restaurants, spas, and fitness centers, hotels can entice guests to explore and utilize these services, resulting in additional income. Furthermore, digital signage integrated with room booking systems can optimize conference and event spaces, providing clear directions for attendees while maximizing space utilization and bookings. With the ability to display targeted promotions, special offers, and loyalty programs, hotels can encourage repeat visits and secure long-term customer loyalty. Overall, Canva’s Digital Signage with Directable offers an innovative and comprehensive solution for hotels, elevating guest experiences while driving revenue growth.