Making Smiles Brighter

With Canva’s Directable integration, your patient’s dental journey can become a unique experience with every visit. 

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We have Canva templates you can customize as your own when you sign up with Directable. Our free Canva templates for restaurants can be imported directly into your account. These templates are specifically designed to help dental office staff members create eye-catching and effective digital displays that showcase their specials, and promotions. Dentist staff members can easily customize these templates to suit their branding and design preferences.

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Unleash the power of Canva and Directable

Canva’s integration with Directable presents a unique opportunity for dental practices to leverage digital signage to enhance the customer experience. Known for its easy-to-use design platform, Canva makes creating attractive and engaging content a breeze. Now, in combination with Directable’s powerful digital signage software, dental offices can design, schedule, and display digital content without the need for specialized design knowledge or complex software. This simplification of the content creation and management process is a significant boon for dental practices.

This integration also ensures that digital signage remains current and relevant. The user-friendly nature of Canva means that content can be quickly updated or adjusted in response to changing information or patient needs. Meanwhile, Directable’s software ensures these updates are promptly reflected on the digital signage, contributing to a more responsive and personalized patient experience. Real-time communication capability is crucial in a dental environment, where timely information about procedures, wait times, or even changes in the schedule can significantly impact a patient’s experience.