Adding a Video to a Directable Slide and Playlist

You can add a video to what's playing on your Directable TV by following these steps:

1. Login to your Directable portal and select the Slides tile.









2. Select Add New Slide













3. Choose the Video tab on the left and then the upload icon. At the same time, give your slide a name.










4. Upload the video you want to show.

7. The uploaded video will appear as a thumbnail.

8. Drag and drop the thumbnail onto the canvas.

9. Resize the video to the desired size by grabbing the corners. For a fullscreen video, extend it to the edges of the canvas. Click Save.

10. Go to the Playlist Manager and add this slide to the desired Playlist. If you would just like to play this one video, the Playlist only needs this single slide.

Helpful Tips:

  • You can overlay text on the video. Make sure to place your video on the canvas first.
  • You aren't able to preview the full motion video from within your portal. You will need to send it to your device to preview it.
  • Make sure to add your playlist to the TV on which you want it to play.