Easy-to-use Digital Signage 

If you are subscribing to 4 screens or more, the cost is $7.50 per screen 

Our affordable digital signage software is used worldwide by businesses of all size including bars, restaurants, schools, churches and other non-profits. Contact us for additional quantity discounts and reduced rates for non-profits and schools.

Customer Success Story - A 400% increase in dessert sales!

"We couldn't be happier with this system. Directable has only been up in one shop for a few days and we have seen a 400% increase in dessert sales alone. We are going to be installing these in all of our shops this month and start launching some more aggressive campaigns.

Thanks for all your help, we LOVE Directable!"

Orion L. - Sizzle Pie

Free dessert sales increase

Get up and running in minutes following these easy steps:

> Step 1

Signup for a free Directable account.

Free Trial



> Step 2

Install the Directable on an Android TV or Amazon Fire TV device - plugged into any screen.

Amazon Fire TV Sticks

> Step 3

Link your screen to your Directable account.

Add a New Screen


Directable works with off-the-shelf solutions available from local retailers

Check out some of our integrations that make it easy for you to start presenting beautiful content to your Screens.

toshiba fire tv available at best buy

Amazon Fire TV Stick - Starting at only $39.95

Get a superpowered media player at an unbeatable price. Just plug in an Amazon Fire TV Stick and download the Directable App to start your digital signage.

Toshiba Fire TV - No additional hardware needed  Just pick up a Toshiba Fire TV at Best Buy!

Directable leads the way in affordable digital signage. We can do this because we use low-cost, off the shelf hardware solutions, like the Toshiba Fire TV. As a result, using Directable will give you a low cost of ownership for your digital signage deployment.


PowerPoint - Publish to Your Directable screens right from PowerPoint!

Download our free starter template and get a free Directable account. You can send your PowerPoint to your screen of choice.

Directable News

Directable has been tested and approved by Sony for use on their Android TVs. You can buy a Directable-ready TV at all Best Buy locations.